an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
The king is dead, long live the king. #STATravelInsider
I have been trying to come here since my first trip to prague over 4 years ago. I finally made it, and the view was better than i imagined. #STATravelInsider
today, i had the pleasure of watching this woman, watch an adorable little girl dancing at the other end of the tram.  While being lucky enough to have the tangle of commuters between us part just i time for me to see her face light up.  like stepping outside just as the first flash of spring sun breaks through a wall of winter clouds, sometimes, you are lucky enough to fall in time with the rhythm of the world, and in those moments, it feels as if you have won the littlest and loveliest of all lotteries. #STATravelInsider
it never gets old. #Prague #STATravelInsider
today was even better then today’s sunset…and that was a pretty damn good sunset. #STATravelInsider
patterns of prague public transit. #STATravelInsider
my man @PragueUrbanAdventures was not only the best tour guide i have ever had, he was the first tour guide that i was ever able to talk to about all the OG gangster rap that i love. This Finn has been living in Prague for 3 years, knows everything you need to know about the city, has a beautiful family, a great sense of humor, and was able to talk at length about Z-Ro & Trae!  My man said to me, “how do you feel about Mac Dre?”  DAY. MADE.  
He showed us amazing sides to this city i had never seen, we drank amazing beer, and ate the best food i have had in Prague, but the best part was talking rap with this dude on the tram.  Doesn’t matter how much you travel, the world will always another surprise hidden up its sleeve for you.  What a fantastic guy, and what a great night! #STATravelInsider
OH NO! Someone replaced our propeller with a depressed octopus! HALP!
dream a little dream for me