an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
I have to say, Brighton set the bar really high for the beach towns everywhere.  Ran all around this beautiful seaside gem with @statravelus & @visitbritain, and i have fallen madly in love with this place!  Sad to leave so soon.  #WildCardUK (at Brighton Pier And Beach)
stuntin’ on em.
fantastic first day with @ourwildabandon, exploring all over London! #WildCardUK #LookKidsBigBenParliment
The columbia road flower market, where the only thing louder then the salesmen is the colors on the flowers they are selling!  Totally amazing!
"Class of ‘03!  Majored in ‘ramen studies’…with a minor in ‘philosophy’!"
da troof iz out’chere
coach class ticket, first class imagination.
Thank you bristol! That was great! Let’s do it again sometime! #OldRosie
stamp salesman at St. Nicholas market in Bristol.  (at St Nicholas Market)
Mitsuoka Viewt