an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
where the Little Colorado meets the Colorado.
while the Colorado River is a crystal clear and astoundingly cold green year round, the LITTLE Colorado is a bird of a different feather.  Heavy amounts of calcium carbonate and other minerals leaching out of the rocks in the Little Colorado turn the fast cool river an astounding Caribbean blue.  (Except durning the monsoon season, why high water levels and silt turn the Lil’ CO into a muddy brown wash). As an added bonus, the calcium carbonate deposits on everything, making a weird coral reef like coating that turns the river into an absurdly fun natural water park. Pics and videos of that too come!
There is always a moment when i am making a new album that sheer terror sets in.  Generally circling around one song, a song that is signifies the entering of some new and uncharted territory with my work.  It comes with the unshakable thought that, “people are going to hate this” and for weeks, or months even…it haunts you.  You literally stop sleeping, and you become a ghost of yourself, convinced that your career will be dead as people hear this song.  But you have to press on, because you know you have to make the song, you have to follow this path, and deal with whatever it brings.  Today, i recorded that song…fuck it is scary.  The one fragment of solace i can find in all of this, is the fact that the songs that scared me the most on past albums, have always ended up being the most popular songs i make: oceanwalk, meet me here later, trouble hunters, and secrets on our lips.  And that helps…a little.
the world is a real place.

ACT FAST! This shizzz sold out last year, DON’T SLEEP!
"I don’t even know them…"
day 4 in studio with Congleton. Stacking all the synths @adamanalog can throw at us.
Sunrise in Marble Canyon.
flat water days on the colorado
On one sandy bank of the Colorado, i found tracks of ravens, harvester ants, snakes, wasps, and even a beaver.  During the week i spent down on the colorado, i saw condor, big horn sheep, bats as small as quarters, mule deer, kangaroo rats, but, watching a sleek sandy fox hunt along the north bank was the highlight.
hike far enough up into Saddle Canyon, and you will notice things start to get a little more green.  Soon, you start to hear the faint sound of moving water, follow that sound, till you find yourself at the foot of a skinny little waterfall. Feel around in the rocks behind the waterfall to find the hand holds, be careful not to step on the slippery green moss, and hoist yourself up to the next level, where you will find the REAL waterfall, misting down into a still pool nestled in the back of the slot canyon.  Wade out into that pool, turn around, and take this picture.  Show me when you do.