an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
OH NO! Someone replaced our propeller with a depressed octopus! HALP!
dream a little dream for me
I am currently packing my bags to fly to Prague today w/ @statravelUS! 
We are going there this weekend as a part of their #STATravelInsider program!  Imma show them some of my favorite haunts, they are gonna show some there cool secrets, oh…and they hooked me up with a @harleydavidson to ride while i’m there!!!! WHAT?!

There will be goulash, pivo, the phrase “na zdravi” will be said AT LEAST 1000 times, oh…and a freakin’ MOTORCYCLE!!!

They just finished exploring Rome with the amazing travel team, and one of my favorite instagram feeds: @ourwildabandon
Check out this cool video to see what they get into, and get an idea of what i’ll be doing:
And be sure to keep up with me on all my sites, and follow @statravelus for some awesome flicks and footage of me in one of my favorite cities in the world!

Now, forgive me, i gotta figure out how to fit my helmet into this carry on bag!  

(said it twice already…and haven’t even left the US!)
110 - 91
#BoringPicture #ExcitingScore
Congrats to my dudes @iamplaydough & sean patrick for putting out a fun ass record today.  Google that shit, then put in your mom’s grand caravan…and BLAST IT!
exciting news tomorrow! 
(No, i am not doing anything with adventure time {though i wish i was}…but this news is all about exciting adventures to come!) HUZZAH!
melt, you magnificent son of a bitch! MELT!
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world’s best mail from the world’s worst male. #baddad