an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
is there anything better than getting cool stuff in the mail?  

finally got my hands on this beautiful zine from @sayitaintsouthern!  Not only gorgeously laid out collection of art and artifact, relating to trains, train hoppers, and the secret language spoken between them both, this lovely little gem also contains a wonderful short story written by my very own uncle, @boydalan!  (Himself, a former train engineer on the B&O, i believe?).  

Though this zine is all sold out, (don’t worry Ronnie, one is in the mail to you), i really encourage you to give @sayitaintsouthern a follow if you are at all as enamored by trains and hobo culture as i am.  Great work out of both of you guys!  This is a prized possession.
that time we took that boat across that bridge.
i’m ready, hon. #GoOrioles
probably my favorite piece from my UK trip. In the lanes, Brighton, England.
Neighborhood watch.
"if you’re ridin’ rims, you gotta ride flats (UH-HUH!)/  I’m sittin’ high ridin’ on lebron back (UH-HUH!)/  des 23’s (UH-HUH!)/" 

-Dem Franchize Boys
Don’t care how cold it is, imma ride this god damn thing till the snow says not to! (at Cathedral of Saint Paul, National Shrine of the Apostle Paul)
autumn in mexico
am i right?!
get into IT!
the gulf of mexico, no filter, no color correction.  Just mind blowing nature magickz.