an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
versace alarm clock
i found my favorite bar in Prague on accident years ago.  @harpoonlarry, @bleubirdy, and i were wandering around, looking for a spot to drink late at night, when we heard singing coming from a side street…

We traced the angelic sounds to a beautiful ramshackle old bar, surprisingly close to the old square, where inside we found, a group of about 10-12 beautiful czech girls gathered around a busted old piano, singing gorgeous old hymns…while swilling beer!  We drank late into the night, listening to those angels sing by candlelight, drinking 12°, feeling lucky as lotto winners.  Since then, i try to stop into Vzorkovna every time i am in Prague.  

Hear me talk more about this, my favorite bar in Prague, as well as the secret ties between the Prague castle and the song “little red corvette”, all while whippin around the Vlata in a paddle boat in the latest video video from @STATravelUs:
mondays…amiright?! #STATravelInsider
ok summer, i am ready for you.  
bring. it. on.
the stone meets the sky at the CzechInn in Prague. #STATravelInsider (at Czech Inn)
So then i was like, “popeye! That doesn’t look ANYTHING like an anchor! It looks more like the Prince logo!” And HE was all like, “why i outtaaaa!”
Hahahaha! #Friendz
making passable passes, whilst passing under the overpass. #STATravelInsider
traveling often forces you into strange situations with total strangers, you find yourself jet lagged in a hostel with 10 aussie girls, or stranded in an airport with some singing brazilians, or confused and shirtless in a hungarian bath with a german, and a swede, and towel as big as a tissue.  It is just a part of deal you agree to when you toss yourself out into the world, good apples and bad, you always have to make the most of it.  Well, at the start of this weekend, i was thrust into an strange situation with a film crew made of british strangers, and after a relentless 3 day film and  exploration schedule, i feel as if i am leaving Prague with a crew of new friends.  Thank you to @miss_dillon, @thomhili, @snowboarderf17, and smithy!  In a weekend literally packed with amazing experiences, y’all were truly the best part!  I can’t wait till the videos we made start going live, so i can show you the great stuff we got see and create.  Traveling is rarely just about the sites that you see, but the friends you make while you’re seein’ em!

…and i hope to see y’all again soon!
#Lads #Lads #Lads
The king is dead, long live the king. #STATravelInsider
I have been trying to come here since my first trip to prague over 4 years ago. I finally made it, and the view was better than i imagined. #STATravelInsider
today, i had the pleasure of watching this woman, watch an adorable little girl dancing at the other end of the tram.  While being lucky enough to have the tangle of commuters between us part just i time for me to see her face light up.  like stepping outside just as the first flash of spring sun breaks through a wall of winter clouds, sometimes, you are lucky enough to fall in time with the rhythm of the world, and in those moments, it feels as if you have won the littlest and loveliest of all lotteries. #STATravelInsider