an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
"…am i right?! am i right?! Fellas, YOU know what i’m talkin about!"
Found him asleep in the middle of the sidewalk on nicolette, some blunt wraps in his hand.  Helped him to his feet, pretty sure he pissed himself.  Tried to get him to home, but he couldn’t remember the address.  We walked together for a stretch, where he sat to wait for the bus and insisted i leave. 

He’ll make it through the night, just don’t want him to get arrested or robbed.  Good luck man.
you are nothing.
my dear friend @oldandyyoung pulled this one out the vaults.  Probably 20 or 21 there. Dig that “big ass, i wish i was richard ashcroft” hair.  RIP Congregation Records.
from the windows to the walls…
great places never get old.
caught this lil’ lady sleepin in the shade on my break.
Gave two friends a “Missing Piece & The Big O” stick and poke last night over glasses of moonshine.
Dear Pharrell,  

really loving your new style of high pitched, super posi disco songs, and Adidas track suits paired with absurdly huge hats!  U r so innovative! Where do you come UP with this stuff?!

"so, a cвященник, раввин, and Drake, all walk into a бар…"
i am going back out on another adventure with @statravelus!  This time, all over the United Kingdom! PLUS i am bringing the amazing @ourwildabandon along with me!!! PLUSSSS you guys get to TELL ME where to go!!! AND you can WIN Beats headphones while you boss me around!

Check out the link in my profile and cast your vote on the Wildcard to tell me where to go and win win win!  YEAH! #WildcardUK
sleep tight