an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
sleep tight
amen moscow. amen.
Well THAT was awesome @afishapicnic!  Thank you!!!!
Tonight we rest up. 
Because tomorrow, we @afishapicnic!
sunrise over europe. 
next stop: moscow.
It was over 6 years ago that this guy helped my cultivate my style on “Pomegranate”.  Then, 3 years later, showed me how to hone that style, and create “This is Our Science”.  And now, after another 3 years, and in a 10 day flurry of recording, John Congleton has masterfully guided me through the scary path of totally changing that style, breaking my learned habits, and moving into a new, and more challenging chapter in my life as an artist.  
I am astoundingly lucky to have this guy in my corner, in my music, and in my life.  If you aren’t familiar with his work in music, look him up, and i think that you will find you already own many albums with his fingerprints all over them.  
While i have NO IDEA when this album is coming out, i am so damn excited for y’all to hear it!   This was the most fun i have ever had making one of my own records, and i am certain that will come through on the album as well!  
Expect to hear pieces of this music sneaking into my live show in the coming months, and all i can say is…expect to sweat, and dance, and sing a long at the top of your fucking lungs!

Thanks again John, for everything.
had a fantastic night of sharing whiskey, and sharing music with @sharonvanhalen and friends.  Sorry i didn’t wake up to see y’all off, but it was a real pleasure to meet y’all!
Break legs tonight at @firstavenue!
and you say to yourself, “the words will come.  the words will come. the words will come.”
The first three and a half days on the Colorado were actually spent rafting through Marble Canyon.  I asked one of the boatmen when we would get to the Grand Canyon, and he said, “you’ll know”. 

…he was right.
You wanna know who is a real G?  @reggiepace is a real G. Dude just tracked 9 hours of horns solo, stackin layers, switchin brass, killin the game. I am exhausted just watching!  Can’t believe what this dude just did…wait till you hear this record. Totally nutso. SO MUCH BANGIN BRASS AND DRUMS!
@suzb80 floats the lil’ colorado