an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
awesome lil’ #tbt regram from @harleydavidson’s feed today. This picture was taken by the fantastically talented @kurpius, after we all rode in the Harley 110th Anniversary parade.  In the confusion after the parade, we had gotten separated from our pace car (which had our helmets in them…so relax…i got my helmet back on as soon as we were reunited), and so we had to blast across town to get reconnected.  This was probablyy favorite moment of a totally surreal and amazing weekend.  A real, “how the hell did i get here?!” moment, you know?

Oh, i must say, if you ever get the chance to ride a motorcycle at the front of a parade…DO IT!  It is waaaay better than you can even imagine.
As a Floridian, i feel like i know a thing or two about tourist traps, and i can say, with all that authority, that Wis-Dells is a fantastic tourist trap of the highest order!  Can’t wait to ride out to The House on the Rock this summer!
"Self consciousness is the illusion, that this is only happening to me."

I took this picture before the start of The Knife’s set, thinking, “i better take at least ONE picture, because i have a feeling i won’t take a single shot the whole show”. I was right.  I danced for two hours straight.  

I have seen some amazing shows in my life, this, might have trumped them all.  I normally loathe large shows, there is always something clinical about them.  The band plays the songs, the crowd stands and watches, then, everyone goes home.  This show, was something totally different.  The amount of thought and calculation put in to making this crowd of almost 5,000 people feel comfortable and communal was amazing.  I mean…the aerobics instruction at the start of the set?!  The dance routines?!  That giant viking long boat coffin middi controller thing?!  

I will be mulling this one over flr weeks.  Such a beautiful night.  Such a HUGE inspiration.  I can’t recommend this show enough.  Go there, get sweaty, be your weird self, make friends, amen. 

"I want a body that, no matter how dead we seem…it always wakes up clawing"
without fail, every time single time i wear this hat on the bus, some old black dude compliments it, and then asks me where i got it.  When i tell them that it came from @ironandresin, and explain that is a store for surfing and motorcycles, they look at me quizzically, before launching into, what is always, an amazing conversation.  
So, thanks for that y’all.  Seriously.
"Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments."
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lake ray roberts damn at dusk.
Damnit!  i thought that big red button said “LUNCH”!
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