an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
Dear Pharrell,  

really loving your new style of high pitched, super posi disco songs, and Adidas track suits paired with absurdly huge hats!  U r so innovative! Where do you come UP with this stuff?!

"so, a cвященник, раввин, and Drake, all walk into a бар…"
i am going back out on another adventure with @statravelus!  This time, all over the United Kingdom! PLUS i am bringing the amazing @ourwildabandon along with me!!! PLUSSSS you guys get to TELL ME where to go!!! AND you can WIN Beats headphones while you boss me around!

Check out the link in my profile and cast your vote on the Wildcard to tell me where to go and win win win!  YEAH! #WildcardUK
sleep tight
amen moscow. amen.
Well THAT was awesome @afishapicnic!  Thank you!!!!
Tonight we rest up. 
Because tomorrow, we @afishapicnic!
sunrise over europe. 
next stop: moscow.
It was over 6 years ago that this guy helped my cultivate my style on “Pomegranate”.  Then, 3 years later, showed me how to hone that style, and create “This is Our Science”.  And now, after another 3 years, and in a 10 day flurry of recording, John Congleton has masterfully guided me through the scary path of totally changing that style, breaking my learned habits, and moving into a new, and more challenging chapter in my life as an artist.  
I am astoundingly lucky to have this guy in my corner, in my music, and in my life.  If you aren’t familiar with his work in music, look him up, and i think that you will find you already own many albums with his fingerprints all over them.  
While i have NO IDEA when this album is coming out, i am so damn excited for y’all to hear it!   This was the most fun i have ever had making one of my own records, and i am certain that will come through on the album as well!  
Expect to hear pieces of this music sneaking into my live show in the coming months, and all i can say is…expect to sweat, and dance, and sing a long at the top of your fucking lungs!

Thanks again John, for everything.
had a fantastic night of sharing whiskey, and sharing music with @sharonvanhalen and friends.  Sorry i didn’t wake up to see y’all off, but it was a real pleasure to meet y’all!
Break legs tonight at @firstavenue!
and you say to yourself, “the words will come.  the words will come. the words will come.”