an american song and dance you that same ole song and dance
In the name of the Father, the Mom, and the Holy Coast.  
Amen.  ❤️
day 5 on the colorado river from lee’s ferry finds you in the heart of the grand canyon, and in the face of the most difficult and dangerous rapids of the trip.  starting the day off on the category 5 “Hance rapid” sets a rather serious tone among the usually jovial boatmen.  for the last four days, they are nonstop river of jokes and stories, and on day five, they are all oddly silent.  compulsively checking, and rechecking all the straps and knots on their oar boats.  

before entering Hance, the boats are moored on a little sliver of beach, so the boatmen can climb a ridge overlooking the monster rapids and scout out the safest runs.  Though each boatman has run these rapids hundreds, if not, thousands of times, they are still warily cautious about them, for a wild gust of wind, or slight imbalance entering a wav can end in a flipped boat, which can end…badly.  We jokingly goaded our boatman Wilbur, all day, trying to get him to run us through the ringer…a prospect he did not seem too thrilled to take up. 

Till we entered Hance…

An especially windy day, made navigating the notorious rapids more difficult than usual, and very quickly, we found ourselves entering “the valley of the giants”, a series of three waves, notorious for flipping boats.  With us “punching” on every wave, and Wilbur powering through on the oars, we made it through, and all of the boatman agreed, we had the ride of the trip.  After surviving that blitz, Wilbur, with a wild glint in his eyes, exclaimed, “Fuck it!”…and he ran us through the ringer on every single rapid to follow for the next 4 hours.

And that night, safely on shore, he and i shared the last of my whiskey.
can’t win em all.
the edge of day five’s storm, creeps in on day 4. #GrandCanyon
cover me.
"…am i right?! am i right?! Fellas, YOU know what i’m talkin about!"
Found him asleep in the middle of the sidewalk on nicolette, some blunt wraps in his hand.  Helped him to his feet, pretty sure he pissed himself.  Tried to get him to home, but he couldn’t remember the address.  We walked together for a stretch, where he sat to wait for the bus and insisted i leave. 

He’ll make it through the night, just don’t want him to get arrested or robbed.  Good luck man.
you are nothing.
my dear friend @oldandyyoung pulled this one out the vaults.  Probably 20 or 21 there. Dig that “big ass, i wish i was richard ashcroft” hair.  RIP Congregation Records.
from the windows to the walls…
great places never get old.
caught this lil’ lady sleepin in the shade on my break.